About the Author

Becky Van Volkinburg - B&W PictureBecky Van Volkinburg was born in upstate New York but grew up in Central Florida. She has always had a passion to create, whether it be the written word, music or art. Linc Adams was born in her imagination two years ago during a hot summer while her kids played kickball outside. Originally intended to be a fun read just for her kids, Becky decided to send it out to some publishers to see what would happen. After multiple rejections, Becky decided the book was meant just for her kids and she put it away. A year later, she decided to look into self-publishing so that Linc could be shared with her kids’ friends. While searching, she came across one more publisher that she felt she should send the manuscript to, that proved to be a great decision. Six weeks later she received a contract for Linc Adams and the journey to sharing Linc with the world began.

Becky loves to spend time with her family in western Michigan, they love to travel and play games. Becky also works as an audio book narrator with multiple titles to her name.

It is Becky’s desire to see Linc in the homes of kids everywhere, and that Linc will become a true friend that teaches kids to find their brave and embrace being themselves.